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#Finance Industry Training Courses throughout Australia


(Mortgage Consultant Qualifying Certificate – this is the minimum education requirement for ASIC and/or MFAA)

This nationally recognised premium Cert IV course. is recognised by ASIC, the MFAA (Mortgage Finance Association of Australia), FBAA, lenders and aggregators. Successful completion of this course is required to enter the industry. Completion of the MFAA’s Initial Compliance Pack (referred to as 201A and which includes compliance and Anti-Money Laundering components) is required if MFAA membership is sought. Along with the Diploma it will fulfil the education requirements for Accredited Mortgage Consultant status with the MFAA. This course delivers industry-specific concepts and proven techniques to aspiring and experienced mortgage brokers and is delivered by industry-experienced trainers. Available either as a 3-day workshop, or via distance learning (home study) or via our online e-learning platform. Click here for more info or Click here for Course Enrolment Form to enrol now and for pricing details. Click here for the MFAA’s education requirements for membership. The Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking is an entry level qualification for a career in mortgage broking. This qualification meets the minimum education standards for ASIC compliance as set out in RG206 for individuals providing credit services.

(Those who already hold the FNS40804, FNS40810 or FNS40811 Cert IV qualification need only complete FNS50311 subjects or may qualify for RPL )

This qualification is designed to reflect the role of either employers or employees working in finance and mortgage broking, including those who are independent and work through an aggregator, or who need to manage a workplace team. In addition to undertaking duties as described in the Certificate IV, they may also perform duties such as:

– recommend complex loan combinations to meet clients’ needs

– assess prospective borrowers’ eligibility to obtain finance and their capacity to service debt

– operate and build their own independent business

– broker complex and/or commercial or equipment finance, project finance and finance for property developers

– act as licensees

Available as either a two day workshop or via distance learning (home study) or via our online e-learning platform (home study). Two day workshops will require that trainees seeking to attain the Diploma qualification, successfully complete assessments after workshop completion within a six month time period. Click here for a Fact Sheet .

FNS40111 Certificate IV in Credit Management

This qualification meets the minimum education standards for ASIC compliance as set out in RG206 for Responsible Managers and Credit Representatives. This qualification is the industry recommended pathway for persons typically employed as credit officers, collection officers, team leaders and supervisors providing an intermediate understanding of credit management functions. Trainees undertaking this qualification may wish to use it as part of their pathway towards the higher qualification of the Diploma of Financial Services (Banking). It is an excellent extension to other FNS/mortgage broking courses for those wishing to target larger financial institutions in their career goals. 12 study units make up this course. Three options currently: RPL, Online elearning ($995), or Distance Learning. Click here for a fact sheet and pricing. Click here for the RPL application form. Click here for the enrolment form and you can choose your preferred electives here. Please phone us to discuss this course.

  • SMSF Lending Workshop Course (ideal for those already writing loans, either internally or externally). Morning or afternoon seminars will cover • How SMSF Works Benefits • Taxation Implications • Trustee Structure • Trust Deeds • Investment Restrictions • The Risks Lender Options • The SMSF Loan Process Step by Step with a practical example discussed during the workshop. Cost $179 pp. Workshops can be held on request, in a range of locations. Get ahead of some competitors and train your group in SMSF.

    • Click here to see the latest news about SMSF Lending
    • Click here for a Fact Sheet

    The Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS40211 is a nationally recognised qualification that’s ideal for aspiring and practising bookkeepers and BAS (Business Activity Statement) agents. There are no pre-requisites. Online, distance learning or RPL available. Click here for more info or Click here for Course Enrolment Form to enrol now and for pricing details. Course is Centrelink approved. Click here for a Fact Sheet. You have 12 months for completion, if required.

  • FNS40611 Certificate IV in Accounting

    There is no formal pre-requisite for commencing the FNS40611 qualification but it would be helpful if you already had a basic understanding of bookkeeping principles. The Certificate IV in Accounting FNS40611 course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake operational reporting, prepare simple management reports and perform financial calculations. It also meets the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) education requirements for registered BAS (Business Activity Statements) agents. Click here for more info or Click here for Course Enrolment Form to enrol now and for pricing details. Course is Centrelink approved. Click here for a Fact Sheet. You have 12 months for completion, if required. Online, distance or RPL available.

    • DUAL Qualification FNS40211 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping PLUS FNS40611 Certificate IV in Accounting

    We offer the dual qualification of the FNS40211 and FNS40611 through the study of 15 units (11 core and 4 electives) for just $1673 by online elearning or $2153 by distance learning (online + hard copy of units mailed). Or you can pay per unit at $139 each for online study. A Dual Qualification completion incorporates our pre-selected units from both qualifications, but you still have the choice of two additional electives to suit your requirements. There are no pre-requisites to commence this dual qualification and you have 24 months for completion, if required. Click here for a Fact Sheet. Click here for the Unit Chooser form. Click here for the Enrolment Form.

  • FNS50210 Diploma of Accounting

    The FNS50210 Diploma of Accounting has the Cert IV in Accounting core units as a pre-requisite. The Cert IV in Accounting is $1595 and the Diploma of Accounting is $1795. Click here for Course Enrolment Form. You have 12 months for completion, if required and can study online one unit at a time at $209 per unit.

  • FNS41811 Certificate IV in Financial Services

    The FNS41811 Cert IV in Financial Services qualification is intended to provide a flexible general purpose pathway in the financial services industry. It is intended to meet the training needs of employees with roles that involve working across a range of duties in the financial services sector where a specialist qualification is not the most suitable qualification to meet their training needs. Available via online elearning or distance learning. Online elearning cost is $1595. To enrol please complete this Course Enrolment Form along with your Unit choice form. You have 12 months for completion, if required.


    BSB51107 Diploma of Management


    Brokers with a minimum of two years experience in loan writing may qualify for their FNS40811 or FNS50311 qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Experienced brokers can click here to go straight to our competitively priced RPL procedure guidelines for either level qualifications. RPL for other qualifications may also apply to some applicants. RPL can be combined with Credit Transfer and individual unit study to achieve Bookkeeping or Accounting qualifications.

    For experienced mortgage brokers and those new to the industry, our half-day or one day professional development courses provide the opportunity for refining and further developing your skills to achieve improved results. There is a huge range of subjects to choose from, including How to Establish Strategic Alliances, Networking, Developing a Client Retention Program, Relationship Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, etc. (click here for more info. )

    A range of short courses are available for online completion for your professional development points accumulation or for personal interest. Short Courses do not include the Certificate IV or Diploma courses which form part of the FNS Training Package. (Click here for more info. )

    At The National Finance Institute we pride ourselves on building positive partnerships with our corporate clients. We understand that effective and efficient training of your team can lead to a competitive advantage over rival firms. For this reason, we have developed this program to be customised, flexible and organisation-specific. (click here for more info. )


    Package 1: FNS40811 3-DAY WORKSHOP + FNS50311 2-DAY WORKSHOP: $2,140 (normally $2440 – SAVE $300)

    Package 2: RPL for FNS40811 + RPL for FNS50311 [may apply for brokers with 2 yrs+ experience]: $795 (normally $1190 – SAVE $395)

    Package 3: FNS40811 ONLINE course + FNS50311 ONLINE course – $1,240 (normally $1,340 – SAVE $100)

    If you wish to take advantage of a Package Special, please choose this on your enrolment form (there is no additional form to include if you choose a Package).

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